How to Make a Chair Back Cushion

To make a cushion for a chair back is a fairly easy task, it can be as fancy or simple as you please.

Plan it out with good measurements and pretty fabric and you are set.

Measure the chair back width and height that you want the cushion to cover. If you have a chair with knobs on top of the back of the chair, measure the length you will want the tie ons to be that will fit over the knobs to hold the cushion in place. This will insure the length of the pillow cushion stays just where you want it and not creep up to the top of the chair, unless that is in your plan to cover the entire back.

A pillow that is getting flat from use is a good one to make this cushion with. Cut the end open and pull out the additional stuffing if there is any. Cut off the extra left over pillow cover, lay up against the back of the chair and make sure it is full enough, you may need to remove more of the stuffing.

After this is accomplished, sew shut the end of the pillow this is not going to show so don't worry about hiding the raw edges of the pillow cover. Now get the fabric ready for the cover.

To ready the fabric cover, measure the length and width of the pillow and leave 5/8 seam allowance on sides and top and bottom edge of the fabric. Make some long strips of fabric to match the cover, fold them in to thirds and sew down the folds to create the loops, just like the loop on a pot holder. Measure and cut the sewed strips into the right length to go over the knobs on the chair backl.

Lay the cut fabric with right sides together and pin any trim you maybe using into the seam you are getting ready to sew. If using loops to hang the cushion, add the loops to the corners of the top end of the cushion so they will be stitched inside the top seam of the cushion.

Now sew around three sides of the cushion leaving the lower edge open to put the pillow into before the final stitching.

Now that the stitching is completed, turn the cushion cover to the right sides and insert the pillow through the lower edge, and finish stitching shut the opening by turning the extra 5/8th inch allowance to the inside and top stitching across the bottom. Place the cushion onto the chair back with the loops. Or sit it into the chair so it rests on the seat.

Things You Will Need

  • Understuffed pillow
  • Fabric
  • Thread that matches
  • Sewing machine
  • Trim, like lace etc. if desired
  • Ribbon for ties if using tie ons.
  • Measure tape
  • Scissors


  • Plan and measure all the pillows and chair measurements and write it down. Then pin all the fabric first and measure again if necessary.
  • For a quick cover sew up a pillowcase you like.


  • This pillow can be used else where if you have any problems size or color choices.

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