How to Cut Down an Interior Door

If you're installing new carpet or tile in your home, you may find that your doors will no longer fit. It's not too complicated to cut down an interior door; all you'll need are a few common tools to get the job done. Roll up your sleeves and set up your sawhorses, and in a few minutes, you'll have that door cut down like a pro.

  1. Lay the door out on the sawhorses with the bottom edge toward your power source.

  2. Measure and mark the height you need to remove; check your measurements again before proceeding.

  3. Score the length of your cutting line with a utility knife, using a straightedge to ensure a straight, clean score.

  4. Turn the door over and repeat the measuring and scoring process on the opposite side of the door; this will prevent splintering when you cut the door.

  5. Cut down the door on the marked and scored line, using a circular saw and taking care not to move above the line.

  6. Sand the cut edge slightly to remove any burrs and roughness. Your door is now ready to rehang.

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