How to Build a Washing Machine Pedestal

Tired of bending over every time you do laundry to get your clothes out of the washer and hurting your back? A simple 1½-foot-high washing machine pedestal is the perfect solution to raise a washer off the ground and make doing laundry easier. All you need to build one are a few basic carpentry tools, hardware and wood.

Cutting the Pieces for the Pedestal

  1. Cut two 3½-foot-square pieces from the plywood using the circular saw for the top and bottom.

  2. Cut two 1½-by-3½-foot pieces from the plywood.

  3. Cut two plywood pieces measuring 1½ feet by 3 feet 4½ inches.

  4. Cut nine 1½-foot pieces from the 4-by-4s for the supports inside the pedestal.

  5. Sand all rough edges off the cut pieces. Apply wood stain or paint and allow to dry.

Assembling the Pedestal

  1. Gather all four side pieces. Stand up the 1½-by-3½-foot pieces on a 3½-foot edge parallel to each other, 3½ feet apart. Lay the 3-foot-4½-inch pieces between them, forming a 3½-foot-square box that is 1½ feet high. Drive four screws through each end of the longer sides into the shorter sides.

  2. Place a 3½-foot square piece of plywood over the top of the frame and attach it. Drive a screw every 6 inches down through it all the way around into the frame.

  3. Turn over the completed portion on one side and install the 4-by-4 supports. You want to screw all nine supports so they extend from the bottom to the top of the pedestal. Equally space out the nine supports in three rows of three between the sides. Drive four screws through the 3½-foot square piece into each support.

  4. Lay the pedestal on the bottom. Place the remaining 3½-foot square piece over the top and attach it. Drive a screw every 6 inches down through it all the way around into the frame. Drive four more screws through the top piece into each support.


  • Be cautious when using power tools.
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