How to Clean & Maintain Cement Fiber Siding

Fiber cement siding is not a new idea, although many people think so. The old siding used asbestos as the fiber, which was later found to cause cancer. The manufacturers discontinued making asbestos siding and came out with a new concept that is not only an extremely durable siding but is also the "green" siding of the day. The fiber used in today's siding is wood, which means the siding will not produce any chemical or toxic gases. This siding is easy to install and to maintain, and the best part is, if it's properly installed, it will outlast most of its original homeowners.

Clean & Maintain Cement Fiber Siding
  1. Pressure wash the siding. Cutting the siding with a saw makes a lot of dust. After it is installed you can clean off all the dust by gently pressure washing. Allow it to dry thoroughly.

  2. Paint the siding with a urethane-acrylic exterior paint. Using a paint sprayer will make the job go much quicker, but if you don't have access to one, roll and brush on the paint. Normally the new siding needs two coats, but read the manufacturer's directions on the can.

  3. Clean dirty areas when needed. This siding and paint needs very little maintenance. If a small area gets dirty, you can simply mix a half-and-half solution of vinegar and water and clean with a rag.

  4. Place a surface cleaning brush on the end of your pressure washer wand and clean the entire surface with a detergent made to be used with pressure washers. This type of cleaning will most likely not need to be done for a couple of years, depending on the area in which you live.

  5. If you add on a deck or any other outside addition, keep it at least 2 inches from the siding. This gives the siding ventilation room to dry properly after rain or snow.