How to Make a Small Room Look Bigger Using Paint

Just because your room is small, this does not mean that it should feel crowded and closed in. By choosing paint color and the placement of color carefully, you can visually make your room appear much bigger, which will make it more livable for you. The following tips will help you in creating a bigger room by just painting the small room you already have.

  1. Choose your paint colors carefully. Certain colors are known to make your room look bigger. For example, cream colors and icy blues are bright and reflective and create an illusion that makes your room look bigger and brighter. Stay away from dark colors that absorb light and make the room seem smaller. Always choose lighter versions of your favorite colors, keeping in mind that bright rooms and soft tones make a room much bigger.

  2. Consider painting your walls the same color as your furnishings, if your furnishing are light colors. This will give the effect of the large furniture items virtually disappearing into the walls and will create an open feeling in the room

  3. Paint the mouldings of your room a lighter color than the walls. If you have dark wood moulding in your room, you will want to paint it white or a lighter color than your wall color. When mouldings are painted in light colors, the walls appear to recede, making the room appear much larger.

  4. Paint a horizontal stripe around the room. Sometimes painting a bold detail on the walls will make the room seem bigger. A horizontal stripe, for instance, whether on one wall or all four, will cause the eye to see the room as wider than it actually is.

  5. Extend your wall color onto the ceiling. If your room also has low ceilings, you can make the walls appear taller by extending wall paint onto the ceiling. Do not, however, paint the entire ceiling because that will make the room seem even shorter. Instead, paint one foot around the edge of the ceiling the same color as the wall, creating a border. Also, paint any border the same color. This will instantly make the walls appear taller.