How to Install a Heath Zenith Motion Sensor Light

Heath Zenith motion sensor lights provide security lighting at night by lighting up when something moving is detected by the sensor. Consider installing this for your family's security and safety at the perimeters of your home. Installation can be done within an hour.

  1. Turn off the main power at the breaker.

  2. Saw a hole in the spot where you want your Heath Zenith motion sensor light. Make this hole the size of your conduit box. To do this trace around the conduit box with a pencil.

  3. Run the electrical wire from the hole you just cut out to the nearest outlet by following Step 4, or by wiring to a circuit in the breaker box if wiring independently on a separate circuit by following step 5.

  4. Wire to the outlet by removing the outlet. First run your wire from the floodlight to the outlet in the wall. Next, remove the faceplate by unscrewing the middle screw. Next, unscrew the outlet by unscrewing the top and bottom screws on the outlet. Pull the outlet out towards you. Pull your new wire through the conduit box. Strip the wire back about 1 inch. Wire into the outlet matching black with black, and white with white. The bare copper wire is ground and will screw onto the green screw on the outlet. Proceed to Step 6 if following this method.

  5. Wire to a dedicated circuit in your breaker box by opening the breaker box. Unscrew the screws around the breaker and remove the cover. Run your wire from the floodlight to the breaker. To do this you will run the wire through the access holes in the breaker frame. Strip back 1 inch of wire and screw your black wire into the circuit breaker set screw and screw down tightly. Screw the white and copper wire to the metal bar in the breaker box using the set screw and screw down tightly. Screw back on the cover.

  6. Go back to the hole you cut out. Bring the electrical wire through the conduit box for the Heath Zenith motion sensor light. Install the conduit box by pushing in the hole and tightening with your screwdriver until tight.

  7. Strip the wire back 1 inch.

  8. Twist the wires together that come from the light and the conduit box by matching proper wire color and plastic cap them. Screw the Heath Zenith motion sensor light onto the conduit box.


  • Turn off the main electricity before starting
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