How to Build Water Features

Backyard water features can create an oasis filled with soothing, bubbling water. Water features can also increase the value of your home and make your backyard more attractive. You may have thought about a water feature for your backyard but were hesitant because you thought you needed a professional landscaper. No need to call a landscaper, just follow these easy steps to build your own inexpensive water feature.

Build water features

Step 1

Decide the location for your water feature and dig a hole.  You may want to dig a circular hole, or use some other shape that suits your fancy. Be creative in creating your pond-like design. 

Step 2

Spread underlayment over the area you dug out.  After the underlayment is in place, gently cover it with a sturdy rubber liner. The liner should be fairly smooth to avoid potential tears in the future.  Cut the rubber liner if it is too large, but leave some overlap around the edge of your hole.

Step 3

Secure the rubber liner with large rocks around the edge.  Make sure to place the rocks in a pleasing pattern, since this will be the finished edge of your water feature.

Step 4

Place the pump at the deepest part of your water feature.  Hook the pump to a water line and run the power cord for the pump to an outdoor electric outlet. For aesthetic purposes, you may want to bury the cables that connect your water feature and electricity. 

Step 5

Cut a small hole in the bottom of a plastic decorative container and secure a water bubbler through the hole.  Place small rocks around the bubbler in the container. Attach the bubbler to the pump hose. 

Step 6

Fill in the rest of your water feature with rocks or water plants.  You may need to partially fill your water feature with water from a hose when planting floating vegetation or to help see where you need to add additional plants.

Step 7

Finish filling your water feature to your desired water level with water from a hose and start the water pump.  Sit back, relax, and listen to the bubbling sounds of your new water feature.

Things You Will Need

  • Shovel
  • Underlayment
  • Rubber liner
  • Rocks
  • Pump
  • Electric outlet
  • Plastic decorative container
  • Bubbler


  • While a bubbler is the easiest and fastest type of water fountain attachment, look at a home building supply store for a wide variety of water pump attachment options.


  • Always take appropriate safety measures, especially when moving heavy rocks and when working with electricity around water.

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