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How to Clean a Space Heater

Alicia Crowder

Typically, people only clean their space heaters from the outside. Some space heaters are tricky to open up, while others cannot be opened without breaking them.

One type of space heater.
  1. Unplug your space heater. Wipe dust and grime off the surface with a damp rag. Don't saturate the rag too much.

  2. Use Goof Off, or its equivalent, to remove any ink or grease marks on the outside of your space heater. Apply the Goof Off to a rag, then wipe the affected areas.

  3. Take the outside casing off of your space heater, if possible. Use a slightly damp rag to carefully wipe out the inside of the space heater. Do not get the inside wet; if you do, give the heater a few days to air out before you attempt to put it back together and plug it in.

  4. Vacuum out debris using an attachment.
  5. Use a strong vacuum with a small nozzle attachment to suck out debris and dust that may have accumulated in your space heater. If you can't take your space heater apart, use the vacuum on the outside of the heater.

  6. There are many different types of dusters with attachments to reach in and clean your space heater.
  7. Use a duster on a stick (like Swiffer) to dust deep into the space heater. You can also use a damp cloth secured to a stick.

  8. A small air blower.
  9. Use compressed air to blow dust and debris out of your space heater. A power blowing machine or a hand-held can of air will work.