How to Apply Sealer to Brick Pavers

Brick pavers are often used to build a patio or walkway around a home. They are extremely durable and come in many different sizes and colors. The pavers need very little maintenance, but to ensure they look like new for years to come, they need to be sealed. Sealers come in a high-gloss, shiny finish to a flat finish that you won't even see. Whatever your preference, sealing your pavers will make your patio or walkway look its best.

Apply Sealer to Brick Pavers
  1. Sweep the pavers with a broom, then clean them with the detergent and water. Use a push broom to scrub them and get off all debris. Using the highest pressure you can get from your garden hose, rinse off the pavers. Repeat, if necessary, to ensure they are clean. Let the pavers dry completely.

  2. Put the sealer in your paint pan and apply to the pavers with a roller. Keep the strokes even, and don't allow any of the sealer to puddle.

  3. Apply the sealer to areas that the roller can't get to with a brush, such as areas up against the house or planters.

  4. Allow the sealer to dry according to the manufacturer's directions, and, if needed, apply a second coat. If you pour water on the pavers and it beads up, you should not need a second coat.

  5. Repeat once a year to keep your pavers looking like new.