How to Clean a Turkey Fryer

Elizabeth Balarini

Turkey fryers are frequently used during holidays and summer to cook full-sized turkeys by immersing them in large tubs of boiling oil. After the festivities, though, party hosts are left to deal with the dirty turkey fryer. Cleaning a fryer can be easy if you have the right tools for the job.

  1. Allow the oil in the turkey fryer to completely cool before attempting to clean it. Because of the volume of oil, this could take several hours.

  2. Dump the oil out of the turkey fryer. Some people fill empty jars or buckets with it, in order to throw it away, while others simply dump the used oil into a far area of their yard or garden.

  3. Place the turkey fryer in a section of your yard where there is enough grass cover to prevent mud puddles, or onto a section of sidewalk or drive way. Doing this outside will prevent your home from being splashed and covered with grease.

  4. Make a paste by mixing boric acid and dish soap. Dip the scrub brush bristles into the paste, and scrub the vat with the brush. Scrub both inside and out, making sure to get all of the burned-on pieces of turkey and oil.

  5. Use the water hose to rinse the turkey fryer off, inside and out. If there are still burnt-on pieces stuck to the fryer, repeat the paste and scrub brush step.

  6. Use the dish cloth and dish soap to wash the fryer again. This step is to cut the grease, making sure to get every trace of greasy residue.

  7. Rinse the fryer again, using the water hose. Splash the inside of the fryer with the bottled lemon juice, to cut any remaining grease, and to disinfect it.

  8. Turn the fryer upside down and allow it to fully dry before storing it.

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