How to Make a Three-Way Mirror

Make your own three way mirror with products and supplies you can find at your local home improvement store.

Have the wood panels cut to fit the overall dimensions of the mirror panels you select. Mirror panels are widely available, including online at Target for under $15. You can make your three way mirror any size that suits you; change the plywood measurements accordingly. .

Measure and cut strips of wood veneer tape to fit the edges of your plywood panels. For example, you will need six 15-inch strips and six 50.75 inch strips of veneer tape to cover the edges of the plywood. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for applying and securing the tape to the edge of the plywood. Typically, you need to press the tape into place with a very hot iron, then let the glue set.

Finish the back and edges of the plywood with a combination of stain and polyurethane or primer and paint. Allow the finish to dry between coats and after the final coat.

Lay the three plywood panels side by side, finished side up. Measure and mark 10-inches from the top and 10-inches from the bottom of each side of the center panel. Attach one side of the hinges to the center panel on the marked spots. Measure the vertical distance between the two hinges and place another hinge in the center on both sides.

Make sure all three panels are flush from the top and the bottom. Attach the panels by driving screws through the hinges on the left and right side plywood panels.

Flip the assembly over so that the panels are lying with the unfinished side up. Measure carefully and mark placement lines for the mirrors. Apply mirror adhesive to the unfinished wood and press the mirror panels in place. Let the adhesive dry before standing your three way mirror.

Things You Will Need

  • 3 full-length mirror panels & mirror adhesive
  • 3 ΒΌ-inch plywood panels, 15-inches-wide-by-50.75-inches-long
  • Iron-on wood veneer tape
  • Iron
  • Stain and polyurethane or primer & paint
  • Sponge or paintbrush
  • Measuring tape
  • 6 hinges
  • Screws and screw driver


  • Have your panels cut 2 inches taller and 2 inches wider than your mirror panel and add 2-inch decorative tiles around the perimeter.


  • Use mirror adhesive. Any other type may bleed through the glass on your mirror.

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