How to Get Scotch Tape Off of a Glass

Getting tape off of walls, windows and mirrors isn't as difficult as you might think, even if the tape has been there for years. The most relieving part about it is that what you need to get it off is probably laying around the house.

Get Scotch Tape Off of a Glass
  1. Pour some white vinegar onto a large cotton ball. Soak the stuck on tape with the white vinegar.

  2. Scrape the glass gently with a razor blade. Be careful not to scratch the glass by pushing too hard.

  3. Dab more of the vinegar onto the glass, rubbing it in circular motions as you do. This will loosen up some of the sticky glue. Continue to scrape the tape until it is all off of the glass.

  4. Get a clean cotton ball and put more white vinegar on it. Clean the excess glue off the glass with the white vinegar and cotton ball.

  5. Clean the glass with a window cleaner and newspaper after all of the tape and adhesive residue is removed.

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