How to Fix Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is lovely until a strand or two of the reed breaks off, and then it starts to look tattered. But you don't have to live with torn furniture; it's simple for a layperson to replace a damaged area, especially a small one. Before you get to work, place a wet cloth on the area that needs attention. If you leave it there for at least a half hour, the existing strands will become easier to deal with because they're more pliable.

  1. Use a utility knife on the existing damaged reed strand to cut off any ends that are sticking out.

  2. Soften the new strand by putting it in a bowl of water for a half hour.

  3. Cut a piece of the softened strand at least 2 inches longer than the damaged area.

  4. Dab a little glue on one side of the damaged area. Insert one end of the new strand, pressing it against the glue. Start weaving to make the new strand look like the old one. Weave the other end of the new strand as far into the cross pieces as you can and attach with glue.

  5. When the glue is dry, spray-paint the new strand the same color as the rest. Use even sweeps of the hand, applying a light layer at a time.