How to Install a Jet Tub

Installing a jacuzzi or jetted tub is a great way to increase the comfort and luxury of your bathroom, as well as increase the value of your home.

Preparing the Area for the Jetted Tub

Many jetted tubs today have been conveniently designed to fit easily into spaces that previously housed a standard tub.

Remove old tub if remodeling. Sweep area clean of debris. Make sure that the floor is completely level.

Install a GFI outlet connected to its own breaker on the side that corresponds with the appropriate side for the jetted tub. Make sure that the placement is close enough so that an extension will not be necessary.

Run plumbing lines, or make sure old plumbing lines are up to code. If they need to be changed to PVC or CPVC, change them now.

Installing the Jetted Tub

Plan the right way to carry the tub into the bathroom so that no turning of the tub will be necessary once inside the bathroom.

Carry the tub into the bathroom with the help of several strong people; at least one other person will be required. Consider covering the tub with a piece of cardboard or a sheet so that it does not get scratched as it is being carried in.

Gently slide the tub into place. Make sure that the faucet and plumbing is on the correct side for the new jetted tub.

Connect the electric from the outlet to the tub. If an access panel is needed, create the panel or make sure to leave space for the panel to be created later.

Connect the water lines to the shower head if a shower head will be used in the space.

Connect the water lines to the faucet and handles on the jetted tub.

Now, clean the tub with a damp soft cloth before running water in it to make sure that no drywall, dust, or other debris will be in the test wate,r because dirt particles can scratch the finish or get caught in the pipes and jets of the jetted tub.

Test the water lines to make sure hot and cold have been connected properly.

Run enough water into the tub to cover the jets. Now test the motor and the jets for the jetted tub.

Close all access panels, the water line access and the electric panel access for the tub.

Caulk around the tub and at the base and sides if necessary. The caulking necessary will depend on what materials are being used in the surround or on the side of the jetted tub.

Place all directions, warranty information, receipt for the tub, and the bar code from the box or wrapping in a sealable plastic bag. These numbers will be important: some jetted tub manufacturers provide a lifetime guarantee on their jetted tubs and a free helpline.

Things You Will Need

  • GFI outlet
  • Open breaker in breaker box
  • Faucet, handles, and shower head
  • Jetted tub and directions
  • Plumbing materials
  • Caulk
  • Screwdriver


  • Remember to run the jets at least once per month to prevent the belt from sticking in the motor.


  • It may be necessary to get inspections throughout the steps, after the GFI outlet installation, after the plumbing, and after the jetted tub installation. Make sure to check all your local codes and to get the appropriate inspections.

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