How to Care for Oak Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is one of the most popular finish materials available to homeowners. It creates a sense of warmth and character in the home, and works well with almost any decor. Oak hardwood flooring is one of the most popular varieties due to its relatively low cost and easy maintenance. With proper installation and care, an oak hardwood floor can be expected to last for many years.

Oak Hardwood Floor
  1. Clean your floors daily. Dirt and grime from foot traffic can get embedded in your floors. Once there, it acts like sandpaper, wearing away the floor's natural grain and finish. To protect your oak hardwood floor, sweep or vacuum it daily.

  2. Keep your floors dry. Water can cause irreversible damage to wood, especially when it stays on the surface for a long period of time. To keep your floors looking like new, clean any spills immediately. If you have an ongoing problem, like a leaky roof, fix it as soon as possible to prevent water damage.

  3. Use a hardwood floor cleaner on your oak floors once a week to remove grease and grime and help restore the wood's natural shine. Be sure to dry the floor thoroughly after you clean it.

  4. Wax your oak hardwood flooring once a year, or as needed. Over time, wax can get worn away, leaving your floors looking dull. Use a dry rag to apply a small amount of flooring wax. Work in the same direction as the wood grain, and wipe away excess wax as you work.

  5. Refinish your floors as necessary. Many oak hardwood floors are stained or coated with a polyurethane sealer. Over time, these stains and seals wear away. If you reapply them every few years, you can protect your investment and leave your oak floors looking beautiful.