How to Get the Best Replacement Windows Cost

So it's time to replace the windows at your house and you'd like to get the best replacement windows cost to save money. Here's how to get the best price while not skimping on your replacement windows.

  1. Before you get quotes on what replacement windows cost, make a list of any "must-haves" or "nice-to-haves." For instance, if you'd like wood window frames instead of vinyl or if it's important that the windows reduce street noise. By starting with these details you'll be able to compare price quotes from several companies which will help you get the best replacement windows cost.

  2. Decide if you'll do the work yourself or if you'll work with a contractor. Obviously, you'll save a lot of money installing replacement windows yourself, but that may have an impact on the windows' warranty. Replacing windows is time consuming and it's important that you do it right so that they're sealed so if you've never done this project before, I really recommend leaving it to the professionals. The reason to decide on this before looking into what replacement windows cost is that a contractor will likely include installation in the replacement windows cost quote and there's no sense comparing apples to oranges here unless you know you can get the replacement windows for a much lower price.

  3. Let the contractor (or salesperson if you'll be installing the replacement windows yourself) know all about your list of must-haves and nice-to-haves. Also, share the list of window sizes and numbers. Once you get the quote, ask, "Is this the best you can do?" or "How can you help me save some money on this?" It's possible that small changes could get you a better price--considering a different style, for instance, might reduce the replacement windows cost. Once you've gotten two or three quotes, call everyone you got a quote from and ask if that was their best price. By being upfront about what your budget is for the project, you'll often find that people are willing to work with you--either by reducing the replacement windows cost or by offering a payment plan or perhaps including something extra (like replacing the patio doors as well for the same price).

  4. Decide which of the quotes for the replacement windows cost you'll select and get everything in writing from the window warranty (always, always, always get an official copy of this!!) to when the windows will be installed, their sizes, how many there are to be, their style, and what will be done with the old windows. You cannot be too thorough in getting everything in writing and a good contractor or window salesperson will encourage you to be as specific as you'd like.

  5. Enjoy your new replacement windows! Remember, you'll soon forget the replacement windows cost and just settle into enjoying the new view (and perhaps the quieter indoors) and it's not usually worth it to put off this project over a few hundred dollars. If your windows are older, you'll soon see big energy savings which are likely to make the replacement windows cost an even better investment.

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