How to Take Off Vinyl Siding to Install a Window

The fact that you have vinyl siding on your home doesn't mean you can't remodel the exterior. Vinyl siding is installed somewhat loosely, to allow for contraction and expansion during temperature changes. It is also very sturdy, allowing you to reinstall it without damage. Because of this, is quite easy to remove vinyl siding to install a window, door or other architectural feature as long as you have the right tools.

Take Off Vinyl Siding to Install a Window
  1. Determine the piece of vinyl you want to remove, then focus your attention on the piece above it. To remove a piece of vinyl, you actually unlock the piece above it.

  2. Slide the hook on the zip tool under the locking edge of the siding. This is the bottom edge of the piece that is above the piece you are going to remove. If the siding is tight, go down the length of the piece, looking for a spot that seems loose. Alternately, start at the end of the piece.

  3. Pull gently, and the vinyl piece should separate from the piece below it. Next, insert a flat bar behind the nail heads of the piece you are going to remove. Do not pry the siding itself off, just the nails.

  4. Bow the vinyl piece a bit if you are having trouble releasing the ends of it from the trim.

  5. Set the vinyl piece aside, removing the nails from it as a safety precaution. You can cut the piece to fit around the window and install it again once the window is in place.

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