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How to Change a Tire On a Hydraulic Log Splitter

Justin Obrien

With the invention of the hydraulic log splitter the task of splitting firewood has been simplified. Despite the durability of most log splitters, from time to time, they will require maintenance and upkeep. One common form of log splitter repair is the replacement of a tire. With a few tools and a new tire, this task can be easily accomplished.

  1. Buy a replacement tire and rim at any farm supply store. See Resources below for a place to purchase one.

  2. Move the log splitter to a flat surface, preferably cement.

  3. Find the right socket size to remove the lug nuts on the rim. Sometimes, depending on the size of the tire, there will be one lug nut, but there can be as many as six. Use the ratchet wrench and socket, loosen each lug nut one half turn. A "breaker bar" may be needed to assist in loosening the lug nuts. A breaker bar is a simple tool used to gain more leverage on a ratchet or wrench. Simply use a pipe at least 12 inches in length. Place the pipe on the end of the wrench and press down. This should loosen any lug nut, no matter how rusty it is.

  4. Use the lever on the floor jack to raise the log splitter until the tire you are replacing is far enough off the ground to spin freely. Finish loosening the lug nuts and remove the lug nuts. Remove the tire.

  5. Place the new tire on the lug threads. Put the lug nuts back on the threads. Tighten the lug nuts.

  6. Let the jack down so that the log splitter returns to the ground, do this by turning the floor jack release valve counterclockwise slowly. Tighten the lug nuts one last time.