How to Cut a Hole in a Door to Install Glass

Adding a window pane to a door is a great way to allow light into a room. With a little effort, you can make your own windowed door. The hardest part to do is cut a hole in the door to install glass. This is how to cut such a hole in an effective, efficient manner.

  1. Measure the glass that is going to be installed into the door.

  2. Lay out the hole to be cut in the door. Use the dimensions obtained in Step 1 as a guide. Keep the opening square to the top and side of the door.

  3. Apply a strip of masking tape on each of the four sides of the hole. This will help prevent tear-out later from the jig saw blade.

  4. Use a drill and a 1/2 inch drill bit and drill a hole in each corner of the opening.

  5. Insert the jig saw blade in one of the holes and cut along the line until you reach the next corner. Repeat this process on the opposite side from the first cut as well.

  6. Place several strips of masking tape on the bottom side of the door, crossing the jig saw cuts and wrapping over to the top side of the wood. This will support the waste piece and prevent it from falling out and binding the saw blade as you are nearing the end of the final cut.

  7. Finish cutting out the opening by cutting the remaining sides. Remove the waste piece and masking tape.

About the Author

Vance Holloman is a residential contractor and freelance writer living in Atlanta. Much of his writing centers on the expertise he has gained from two decades in the construction industry. His work has appeared in newspapers, magazines and numerous online sites, including eHow.com and "Auburn Plainsman." Holloman has a Master's degree in business from the University of Maryland.