How to Fix an Outside Water Faucet That Leaks

When there is a need to use a garden hose for such things as watering gardens, plants, washing cars, or filling up pools, you don't want it to constantly leak at the faucet. One of the problems that most people face is that water sprays out of the location where the garden hose connects to the water faucet proper, and over time, the area around the faucet can become saturated and cause problems with the house foundation. If you have ever had this problem it's extremely easy to fix, and will prevent water from being wasted.

Use pipe dope or Teflon tape to stop leaking at a hose faucet.

Step 1

If the garden hose is still attached to the water faucet, disconnect it.

Step 2

Replace the hose washer inside of the hose connector.

Step 3

Wrap Teflon tape around the threaded part of the water faucet once or twice. Make sure that all of the threading on the faucet is completely covered with Teflon tape. Alternately, coat the inner threads with pipe dope.

Step 4

Carefully screw the garden hose back onto the water faucet. Tighten it until it won't turn anymore. Do not over tighten.

Step 5

Turn the water faucet on and there should not be any water leaking or spraying out.


  • This only works for small leaks and sprays. If you have water gushing out of the connection, you either need a new hose or a repair done to the faucet itself.
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