How to Repair Roof Tiles

Roof tiles take a beating from the wind, water, and snow. Roof tile may become cracked or broken over the course of time. A new roof is expensive and unnecessary when only minor repairs will suffice. Roof tile can easily be changed and repaired for a fraction of the cost. Here are some ways to repair roof tiles to avoid leaks.

Tile roof.

Apply a clear roof sealant underneath a cracked tile. Press the tile down firmly to minimize the crack's appearance. Apply more sealant into the top of the crack and smooth the sealant with a putty knife.

Remove a clay tile that is cracked beyond repair. Use a flat pry bar to lift the tile located above the damaged tile.

Smash the damaged tile with a hammer. Collect the broken pieces and clear away any debris.

Attach a tile clip, if your roof uses them, to the tile and roof. Check with a local hardware store or whoever installed the tile on your roof for proper use and specific type of tile clip you'll need.

Insert a new tile and pull out the pry bar so the top tile slides back into place above the new tile.

Things You Will Need

  • Clear roof sealant Putty knife Flat pry bar Hammer Tile clip Tile


  • Work on a sunny day. The tiles are less likely to crack.


  • Never work on a roof when it's slippery. Always have someone near by in case of an accident. Be careful when walking across a tile roof. Tile is easy to break. If you are worried, have a professional roofing contractor fix your roof for you.

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