How to Build a Hanging Quilt Rack

Quilts are beautiful showpieces. The craftsmanship that goes into making them deserves a proper display on the walls of your home. This can be achieved in an easy do-it-yourself project. You can build a simple quilt rack using only a few basic supplies that will look like a natural accessory with your quilt.

Hanging the Quilt Rack

Hanging Quilt Rack
  1. Determine the dowel length for the quilt rack. It should be as wide as the quilt plus two inches to accommodate the width of the brackets.

  2. If your quilt does not have a pocket on the back of the quilt, attach a pocket using fabric or plastic rings to hold the dowel.

  3. The supplies for the quilt rack can be bought separately at craft stores, hardware stores, or a store that supplies curtain hanging accessories, or look for a wooden rod set at the curtain store.

  4. If you don't have a saw at home to cut the dowel to its needed length, take it to a hardware store and have it cut there.

  5. Finish the brackets, dowel and finials as desired. To save time, you could finish only the finials and brackets as the dowel will be hidden by the quilt.

  6. Use the level and measuring tape to mark where the brackets should be put up. Mark the holes for the brackets with a pencil and drill holes for the screws then attach the brackets.

  7. Put the dowel through the pocket in the back of the quilt. Attach the finials to the ends of the dowels and hang your quilt.