How to Clean a Commercial Griddle

Keeping a commercial griddle clean will help keep the food you cook on it taste fresh. It also has major health ramifications. Cleaning a commercial griddle regularly--even after each use--is the best way to continue to get optimum use.

  1. Heat the griddle. It needs to be as hot as if you were cooking. This will make the cleaning process easier. However, you will need to be very careful. Some people like to clean the griddle while wearing oven mitts.

  2. Combine the soda and the lemon juice in the 2-liter bottle while the griddle is heating. You should use a half-cup of lemon juice for every 2 cups of soda. Shake the mixture after you replace the lid on the bottle, but do not shake so vigorously that pressure will shoot a stream out of the bottle when you reopen it.

  3. Pour some of the liquid onto the grill. It will immediately start bubbling and hissing. The carbonation will loosen up the baked-on gunk.

  4. Scrub the grill with the grill block. Thanks to the lemon juice and soda water, you can scrub rather than scrape. This will make the task much easier. Add more soda water and lemon juice as needed until you have scrubbed the entire griddle clean.

  5. Wipe down the griddle with the thick cleaning rag. This will prevent spotting and streaking. Be careful because the griddle will still be hot. Make sure the rag is bunched up or folded over several times.


  • Be aware that the griddle is hot. Be careful not to burn your hands. Do not put your body weight into scrubbing the griddle because if you slip, you might fall onto the hot surface.