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How to Buy Garbage Can Foot Pedal Parts

Heather Topham Wood

Garbage can foot pedals are prone to breakage due to the frequency of use as well as the roughness with which the part is often handled. If the foot pedal no longer works, you may want to consider buying garbage can foot pedal replacement parts in order to make the repair. If you own an inexpensive trash can, you may just want to buy a complete replacement since purchasing the foot pedal parts may cost nearly as much as the entire can.

  1. Contact the manufacturer of the garbage can. One of the easiest ways to purchase parts for your garbage can, including foot pedals is to locate the phone number of the manufacturer.

  2. Speak to a customer representative about buying the replacement foot pedals part. They will likely need the name and model number of your garbage can. You may be asked to give the serial number printed on the trash can.

  3. Inquire about the parts included with the foot pedal. Determine if you need to buy your own screws or washers to make the repair. Also, ask if installation instructions are included with the replacement pedal.

  4. Receive a quote on the garbage can foot pedal replacement parts. In some cases, the company may send out the part for free, especially if the can is still covered under their warranty. If you need to pay for the foot pedal, the company will likely accept your credit card information over the phone to process payment.

  5. If you are unsuccessful at ordering the replacement through the trash can manufacturer, you can try independent vendors of garbage can parts. For example, contact the Garbage Can Source through their company website.