How to Make Inexpensive Window Blinds

Any room can become a spalike retreat with the clean, crisp look of woven straw or bamboo shades. Purchasing ready-made shades can be a pricey proposition, but you can make your own with inexpensive straw beach mats. Check out your local dollar store at the end of summer to pick up the already-cheap mats at clearance price. Basic tools and minimal DIY skills are all you need to outfit your windows with chic, yet inexpensive, window blinds.

A straw sunbathing mat is easy to convert to a window blind.

Step 1

Measure window opening. Cut a wooden slat to the window's width with a handsaw.

Step 2

Position the slat across the narrow end of the mat, 8 to 12 inches from the end. Fold the end over the slat so 7 to 11 inches hang over the slat, creating a short valance at the top of the blind. Turn over the mat, keeping the slat in place. Ensure it is still even and staple the mat to the slat with a staple gun.

Step 3

Mark the top of each blind a few inches from each end and in the center. Drill a small hole with a drill at each mark. Twist in an eye screw through the mat and into the slat at each hole.

Step 4

Predrill holes in the underside of the top of the window frame so they line up with the eye screws on the top of the blind. Screw in the cup hooks at each point, ensuring the opening of each hook are all in the same direction, either front or back.

Step 5

Thread a needle with neutral thread that blends with the mat or any edging on the mat. Sew small plastic or metal drapery rings to the bottom edge of the mat at the same points as the eye screws at the top of the mat.

Step 6

Slip the eye screws at the top of the mat onto the cup hooks in the window frame. Hook the drapery rings over the cup hooks to open the blinds.

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