How to Make a Fun Backyard Using Old Tires

Give old tires new life by using them creatively in your garden. Whether you want to surprise your kids with a tire swing or make a decorative flower planter, old tires have several uses that will help spruce up your landscape.

Decorative Planter

Classic tire swing.
  1. Spray-paint the tires a solid color or in a colorful design; allow the paint to dry. Bright colors will liven up your garden.

  2. Place your painted tires in a good spot for growing flowers and fill them with soil.

  3. Plant your favorite flower seeds in the soil. Water and tend to your flowers regularly.


  1. Paint the tire with your child so they feel involved in the process.

  2. Find the perfect spot for the sandbox. A shady area is best so your child doesn't sit in direct sunlight while they play.

  3. Fill the tire with sandbox sand.

Classic Tire Swing

  1. Drill holes in the bottom side of the tire (the part that will face the ground), so rainwater will drain out.

  2. Securely tie a very thick rope around the top of the tire.

  3. Tie the other side of the rope to a thick and sturdy branch of a large, old tree. Make sure you leave enough rope so the tire is only 1 to 2 feet from the ground.

  4. Test the tire swing to see whether it supports your weight to ensure it is safe for a child.

Border for a Flower Bed

  1. Slice the old tires in half.

  2. Dig holes a few inches deep, enough to hold the tires securely.

  3. Place the cut side of the tires into the holes so you have the illusion that there are half-buried tires in the ground.


  • Food safety information about growing food in tires suggest that it's not safe to plant anything you're planning on eating in a tire planter because it is possible the food can absorb harmful chemicals. Growing trees or large plants in tires also is not advised because the size of the tire may restrict the growth of the plant. Stick to smaller plants, such as flowers or decorative greenery.