How to Troubleshoot a Whirlpool Estate Dryer

Whirlpool offers a line of appliances under its Estate division. The Whirlpool Estate Dryer is available in both gas and electric versions. Features include extra large capacity, multiple cycles, end of cycle signal and top mounted lint screen. If your dryer starts to work improperly, it is recommended by the manufacturer that you perform some basic troubleshooting prior to calling for service.

Check the power supply. The Estate dryers use two circuit breakers. Reset both if the dryer does not have any power. Check your household fuses as well. You may want to use a time delay fuse as well for the dryer. If you have the gas dryer, make sure the gas line is open.

Level your Estate dryer. If you hear any vibrating sounds, the dryer is not likely level. Also, if the dryer is not level, Whirlpool Estate Dryer's automatic cycle feature may not work properly.

Examine the dryer for any objects that may have fallen out of the pockets of clothing. Unusual sounds can also be caused by small objects, such as coins being placed inside the dryer.

Remove the lint from the screen. If your clothes do not seem to be drying completely during one cycle, remove the lint. To do this, pull the screen using the included handle away from the Estate dryer. Use your hand to clear away the lint and dispose of it. Lint built up inside the exhaust vent and hood may also need to be cleared away if clothes are not drying properly.

Change the drum light. If the interior light goes out, you may need to change the dryer's drum light bulb. Remove the light cover with a screwdriver, you will find the cover on the back wall of the dryer. Replace the blown bulb with a 10-watt appliance bulb. Put the cover back on.

Things You Will Need

  • Screwdriver
  • 10 Watt Bulb
  • Fuse

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