How to Light a Pilot Light

When the pilot light goes out on any gas-run appliance, the appliance is unable to operate correctly.

How To Light A Pilot Light

From time to time, the pilot light may go out due to corrosion, interrupted gas supply or the lack of combustion air.

Check for possible gas leaks by simply sniffing the area around the gas appliance.

Turn off the gas valve and the control valve. The gas valve is off when it is perpendicular to the gas line.

Remove any plates or doors that may be enclosing the pilot light.

Turn on the gas valve. The control valve should be turned on to its lowest setting.

Push down the pilot light button. On some appliances, this is located on the control valve, others may have a specific button.

Use the butane lighter to light the pilot light. Continue to hold down the pilot light button until the flame is lit.

Check the proper function of the pilot light by turning the control valve to its highest setting.

Replace the cover plate or door in order to protect the pilot light flame. Set the control valve to its regular setting.

Things You Will Need

  • Long reach butane lighter
  • Screwdriver


  • If pilot light goes out on a regular basis, call a professional to fix the problem.


  • If you suspect a gas leak, call a professional immediately.

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