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Honeywell Humidifiers Problems

Mitchell Land

Honeywell makes a range of humidification devices for both whole houses and single rooms. These humidifiers use steam, evaporation, fans or drums to increase home comfort. The need for troubleshooting can arise with any of these humidifiers.

Incorrect Humidity

A common problem that can occur with Honeywell humidifiers is either a low or high humidity level. For low humidity, you are encouraged to reset the circuit breaker or replace the fuse. Checking the settings is also advised. If this does not work, a heating contractor may be able to help. The cure for high humidity is typically to turn down the humidity control, or to turn it off completely.

Service Light

Honeywell installs a red service light that blinks when internal diagnostics comes across a problem. For some humidifiers, like Honeywell's evaporative whole-house line, the service light blinks when a damper inside the bypass fails or there is a lack of air movement. The light will also come on when the fan motor or the "air proving switch senses a lack of air movement," according to the Honeywell website.


You can identify high humidity by any condensation on the walls or high levels of condensation on the windows. Low humidity symptoms include quick air changes or drafts as well as the furnace blower failing to work.