How to Take Care of Tigerwood Hardwood Flooring

Tigerwood is an exotic Brazilian hardwood sometimes used for flooring. Named for its striped grain that somewhat resembles tiger stripes, tigerwood is harder than oak and has some specific characteristics that affect the maintenance needed to keep the flooring in optimum condition. Aside from standard wood floor care guidelines such as sweeping regularly and avoiding water mopping, there are specific points to follow when you have a tigerwood hardwood floor. The main thing to keep in mind that tigerwood is photosensitive, and the color of the wood will deepen with age.

  1. Avoid rubber-backed mats and rugs, as the backing may discolor your tigerwood hardwood floor.

  2. Change the location of your rugs once a month; twice a month if they are placed in front of doors and windows.

  3. Use light filtering window treatments that will prevent sunlight from hitting the tigerwood in the same area each day.

  4. Consider rearranging your furniture on a regular basis, such as seasonally. This will allow the flooring to darken and age uniformly.

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