How to Build Your Own Kitchen Pantry With Doors

When you have a family, cabinets alone may not provide enough storage space for your food. Building a pantry saves you money and provides a lot of extra food storage. A pantry is a must have for every family. A built in pantry also will increase the value of your home.

Taking down that old cabinet would create a space perfect for a built-in pantry.
  1. Get the two boards that are 12-inches wide and 6-feet tall. Using a cordless drill and 1/16-inch drill bit drill seven rows of three holes starting 1/2 inch down from the top edge for the first row, then down 11 inches for the second row, then down 12 inches for the third through the seventh row working vertically down the board. The holes in the rows should be placed 1 inch in from each edge and at the center point horizontally. Now, at the top and bottom of the board, in the center of the 1 inch thickness, drill three holes that run horizontal with the 12-inch width that are 1 inch in from each edge and at center point. Do this for each end.

  2. Drill holes in two of the seven the 12 inch by 3 foot pieces. The holes should be 1 inch in from each edge as the board lays lengthwise. The holes should vertically be in a row, one hole 1 inch in from each edge and then one hole at the 6-inch center point. These holes are to be drilled down through the wood. Set those two aside and know they are the top and bottom. Get the five remaining boards and lay them lengthwise. The board is 1 inch thick, or 3/4 inch thick. Drill three holes into the thickness on each end that are 1 inch in from each edge and at center point. The row of holes on each end should run horizontally. These are shelves.

  3. Lay down the 1 1/2-foot wide by 6-foot long boards vertically. These are the doors. Decide where you want your hinges. One foot from the top and bottom of each door is good. Lay your hinge on the wood and mark the wood where the holes are. Drill holes on the doors and also on the side pieces for the hinges.

  4. Insert screws to secure the top and bottom pieces to the side pieces. Insert the shelves one at a time, aligning the holes and securing with the cordless drill and screws. Attach the door by inserting screws where you have drilled for your hinges.

  5. Attach the 1/4-inch plywood as the backing for your pantry. Use finishing nails and a hammer. Put the pantry where you want it and enjoy all your extra food storage space.


  • Use care and caution when using a cordless drill.
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