How to Cover Old Appliances With Stainless Steel

New technologies allow you to easily cover your old appliances with stainless steel.

Paint companies are producing paints that contain real stainless steel powder. The stainless particles add coloration to a clear base. When the stainless steel paint is applied properly, the end result is a stainless steel covered appliance. Utilizing stainless steel paint to give your appliances a face lift will eliminate the frustrations associated with cutting, gluing and installing sheet stainless steel.

Clean the surface of the appliance with a household cleaner. Wipe the surface of the appliance dry with a clean rag. Place painter's plastic on the floor to protect from paint splatter.

Mask areas that you do not want to paint with 1 inch masking tape. Tear the tape to length. Carefully apply tape to handles, buttons and displays. For handles that are rounded and buttons, wrap the tape tightly to the surface to be painted.

Open the water-based primer paint with the paint can opener and stir thoroughly with the paint stirring stick. Stir the primer for the amount of time specified by the primer manufacturer. Pour 1/4 of the primer into the paint pan.

Paint the primer over the old appliance finish using long strokes with the 3 inch foam brush. It is important to run the foam brush in one direction. Do not move the paint brush in a back and forth motion. This will affect the final finish of the stainless steel coating. When applying the primer to a larger appliance such as a refrigerator, paint horizontally across the surface. Let the first coat dry. Apply a second coat of primer if necessary. Clean the foam brush and paint pan thoroughly with soapy water. Let them dry.

Open the stainless steel paint. Stir the paint as recommended by the manufacturer.

Apply the stainless steel paint to the surface of the appliance with the paint roller and foam roller cover. Use the 12 inch foam paint brush to "grain" the surface by dragging the brush in one direction from one side of the appliance to the other. Drag the paint brush in the same direction that you applied the primer in step 4. This will result in a realistic grained stainless steel finish. Let the stainless steel paint dry for one hour. Repeat the process as necessary to achieve the desired final result. Clean the painting tools with soapy water when complete.

Apply the water-based clear coat to the appliance surface with the 3 inch foam brush. Pull the brush in the same direction that you applied the primer and stainless steel paint. Clean the 3 inch brush thoroughly with soapy water.

Lightly cut around the masking tape that you applied earlier. Cut around the area where the tape meets the stainless steel paint to keep the tape from damaging your new stainless steel finish. Remove the masking tape and throw it away. Wipe down the stainless steel finish on the appliance.

Things You Will Need

  • Household cleaner
  • Rag
  • 1 inch masking tape
  • Utility knife
  • Painter's plastic
  • Water-based paint primer
  • Water-based stainless steel paint
  • Water-based clear coat
  • Paint can opener
  • Paint stirring stick
  • 4 inch paint roller
  • 4 inch foam paint roller cover
  • 3 inch foam paint brush
  • 12 inch foam paint brush
  • Paint pan