How to Protect Kitchen Tile Floors From Chair Marks

Chair legs can leave dark marks on kitchen tiles, even if the chairs are gently moved. These marks are unattractive and much more difficult to remove than dirt. Preventing these marks will save you a lot of cleaning time. Wood or metal chair legs can also scratch some types of tile floors, leaving permanent damage to the tiles. You can prevent this by covering the tile, but that requires purchasing carpet or pads that must also be cleaned regularly. This is best if you have chairs with casters, but for standard, non-rolling kitchen chairs, a more simple, inexpensive solution prevents both marks and scratches on your tile.

  1. Prepare the chair's feet for felt pads. Place a blanket or drop cloth on the floor and turn each chair over so the feet are exposed.

  2. Dip a sponge in hot water. Pour a drop of dish soap on the sponge and wash dirt off the chair's feet. The adhesive backing of the pads will not stick as well if the feet are not clean.

  3. Dry off the chair feet with a towel. Remove the felt pads from their packaging.

  4. Remove the protective cover from the adhesive backing. Press the felt pad firmly to the chair foot to create a good bond. Do the same with all the chair feet.

  5. Place all chairs back on their feet. Give the glue time to cure before moving the chairs. If the felt does not seem to be sticking well, fortify the adhesive with a stronger glue.