How to Clean Urine From a Smartstrand

Sarah Coennen

When you have toddlers who are potty-training, everything in your house is susceptible to attack from accidents. It's not enough to chase around a screaming toddler with a little potty trying to persuade them to use that instead of your carpet. But as life has shown, toddlers are resilient, and accidents do happen. So when they happen, parents need to know how best to clean up the mess without causing permanent stains. Smartstrand carpet is reputedly one of the most popular and proven stain-proof carpets on the market, but to remove any stain is quite simple.

Removing the Stain

  1. Locate the urine stains in the carpet.

  2. Spray heavily with a stain remover liquid like Shout, Zout or OxiClean.

  3. Let sit and soak into the carpet for 10 to 15 minutes.

  4. Scrub with the coarse brush until stain is removed.

  5. Wash excess stain remover off with warm water and the washcloth.