How to Unstick Vinyl Windows

Windows can be stuck for a variety of reasons, including windows that are nailed shut, painted shut or stuck with some leftover food residue.

Windows Stuck with Nails

Windows are most often nailed shut to prevent intruders from entering, and windows that are painted shut may be the result of a careless painter. Getting the window unstuck can be clean or messy depending on the severity and cause of the stick. .

Place the five-way tool between the nail head and the window. Use the tool as a lever to pull the nail out a bit.

Slide the nail into the back of the hammer.

Use the hammer like a lever to pull out the nail.

Repeat steps 1 to 3 for the rest of the nails.

Unlock the window and pull up.

Windows Stuck by Paint

Stick the five-way tool in the crack where the window should slide on tracks, and in between the top and bottom window.

Slide the five-way tool up and down and across the stuck points.

Unlock the window and pull up.

Things You Will Need

  • Five-way tool
  • Hammer
  • Pry bar


  • Try dripping some hot water into the cracks to loosen up paint or food residue. This may make getting the window unstuck a whole lot easier. A putty knife will work the same as a five-way tool.


  • Use each tool carefully to avoid injury.