How to Get Rid of Humidity in a House With Wet Windows

If you've got a humid house with poor ventilation, such as wet windows, one of the best ways to dry out the home is by purchasing a dehumidifier.

Dehumidifiers suck in the humidity into a reservoir tank and can help prevent mold and control allergies. Dehumidifiers can be purchased at any home appliance store such as Sears or Best Buy. .

Choose the dehumidifier you'd like to buy. The main differences between dehumidifiers are reservoir size and automatic features such a humidity control.

Buy the dehumidifier and set it up in the most humid area in your home. Basements are often the most humid.

Turn on the dehumidifier by following the unique accompanying instructions with your dehumidifier model.

Remove the reservoir tank when the dehumidifier fills and empty the water into a sink. Re-install the reservoir tank the same way it was removed or by following the accompanying instructions provided with the dehumidifier.

Things You Will Need

  • Dehumidifier

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