How to Decorate a Mirrored Medicine Cabinet

Mirrored medicine cabinets are a standard fixture in older homes and apartments and although they are wonderfully functional, they are not always the height of style.

Decorating Your Mirrored Cabinet

Create a personalized decorated medicine cabinet by taking your favorite thing and attaching it to your mirrored surface. Guests will be impressed with your customized style. .

Wash and dry the mirror and cabinet. Using a glass cleaner and a lint free rag, clean the mirror surface as well as the edges of your medicine cabinet to insure good adhesion of the hot glue. Dry with a towel or allow to air dry for a few minutes.

Collect your theme items. Think about the style you want to create in the bathroom and using that theme, collect items to frame up your mirrored cabinet. For example, for a colorful modern bath you may want to purchase some flat colored glass discs from your local hobby shop to create a mosaic look around the mirror. Be sure to buy plenty of the selected items to complete the project.

Heat up your hot glue. Purchase clear hot glue sticks and allow the glue to heat up following your hot glue gun directions. Glue that is not heated thoroughly will not hold the material onto the glass.

Place your items around the mirrored surface. If the cabinet is off the wall you can lay out your design before gluing, but in most cases you'll be adhering your material while the cabinet is on the wall. Take one item, such as a glass disc, and apply a small dot of hot glue to the back. Press firmly to the mirrored surface close to the edge of the cabinet and hold for a few seconds until the hot glue sets.

Continue placing items around the edge of the mirrored cabinet until the mirror is completely framed with your decorative item. Carry your new theme throughout the bath with color-coordinated curtains and linens, if you'd like.

Things You Will Need

  • Glass cleaner
  • Rags
  • Décor items such as glass beads or discs, buttons or toy cars
  • Hot glue gun
  • Clear hot glue sticks


  • Lay out your design on a table if your décor item requires some spacing or pre-planning before gluing to your mirror. Change your look by removing the hot-glued items with a razor blade.


  • Don't attempt to apply items that are too heavy such as iron accessories. Don't use paper items or other water-soluble décor items, as they will be damaged by steam and water in the bathroom.