How to Put on a Mattress Protector

Mattresses are expensive investments that can provide years of use if taken care of properly. Mattress protectors can help protect your mattress from spills, leaks and dust mites while increasing the life of your mattress. If you have already purchased a mattress protector and are unsure of how to properly put it on your mattress, consider a few helpful tips.

  1. Remove the mattress protector from the packaging, and air it out. Sometimes mattress protectors can be bulky and smell like chemicals. Airing out the mattress protector for 24 hours allows it to loosen up and helps remove the chemical smells.

  2. Remove all sheets and mattress pads from your mattress. A Mattress protector must be put on a bare mattress. Make sure that everything is off the mattress before you place the protector on.

  3. Lay the mattress protector over the mattress, and pull the sides over the corners of the mattress.

  4. Tightly tuck the mattress protector in under each side of the mattress. Flatten out all bumps and be sure that the mattress protector is snug.

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