How to Clean Black Granite Countertops

Granite is an extremely hard material that is often used to make kitchen countertops. Granite comes in many shades and styles and fits with the decor scheme of any kitchen; this material can also be quite costly. It is important to use the proper cleaning methods to protect your investment and ensure that granite countertops last for many years to come.

General Cleaning

  1. Mix one cup of white vinegar with one cup of room-temperature water in a spray bottle. You can increase the amount of cleaning solution made by doubling or tripling the recipe; you can store unused solution for future cleanings

  2. Spray the cleaning solution generously onto the granite countertops.

  3. Use dry newspaper to wipe away the solution and buff the countertops in a circular motion to prevent any streaking.

Removing Stains

  1. Mix one cup of hydrogen peroxide with one cup of room-temperature water in a spray bottle. You can use regular 12 percent hydrogen peroxide, which is found in most grocery and drug stores.

  2. Spray the hydrogen peroxide solution directly onto the stained area.

  3. Buff the countertop using newspaper until the stain is removed and the granite is completely dried.

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