How to Wire a New Plug for a Maytag Dryer

There are at least two possible reasons for replacing the plug on a Maytag dryer: The cord may be damaged or the cord does not match the outlet in the laundry room. New dryers and drying machine outlets, for example, are required to operate on a four-prong plug system. Older models of Maytag dryers often have a three-prong plug. If you have a three-prong plug and a four-prong outlet, you can replace the cord on your dryer. Cord replacement for standard Maytag dryers is a job you can do yourself. If your Maytag dryer does not have standard wiring (Maytag gas dryers may not), do not switch the plug with a standard electrical three-prong or four-prong plug. Always consult an electrician if you have any concerns.

  1. Unplug the dryer and unscrew the small metal cord cover on the back of the dryer that goes over the opening the cord comes out of.

  2. Loosen the nuts or bolts on the terminal block to remove the individual wires.

  3. Remove the bonding jumper if you are switching from a three-prong plug to a four-prong plug. Leave it on if you are replacing a three-prong plug with another three-prong plug.

    The bonding jumper will either be a #10 green wire or a copper strap and connects to the central (neutral) terminal of the terminal block at one end and to the dryer's frame at the other end.

  4. Loosen the cord connector screws and remove the cord.

  5. Insert the new cord and attach each wire to the appropriate terminal. Connect each wire by matching cord wire colors to terminal wire colors (black to black, red to red and white to white). Tighten the terminal nuts. If you are wiring a four-prong plug, the fourth green wire will now connect to the grounding screw on the dyer (the screw that held the bonding jumper to the dryer's frame). If your dryer's frame does not have a screw and screw hole for attaching a grounding wire, drill a hole and attach the grounding wire with a sheet metal screw and washer. Make sure the green wire is properly connected to the dryer's frame in order to safely ground the machine.

  6. Turn off the breaker switch in your breaker box that controls your dryer.

  7. Plug in the new cord and turn your dryer dial to the "On" position.

  8. Test the new cord by switching breaker switch in the breaker box on and off. The dryer should also turn on and off. Stand clear of the dyer in case there is a problem with the connection.

  9. Replace the metal cord cover.

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