How to Store a Couch

Get your couch ready for storage by making the necessary preparations. For both long- and short-term storage, keeping the piece clean, safe, dry and bug-free is very important to help extend its useful life. Taking the proper precautions will keep it structurally sound and beautiful until you choose to retrieve it at a later time.

Clean It Like You Mean It

Vacuum your sofa thoroughly to remove any particles of food, dust, pet hair and other debris to avoid providing an irresistible spot for bugs to thrive. Use appropriate cleaning solutions to remove stains or spots and mist the piece lightly with an antibacterial spray to freshen the upholstery. Wipe down wooden parts with furniture polish and a soft cloth. If you prefer, hire a professional to clean your furniture in lieu of doing the work yourself.

Location and Position

A climate-controlled storage facility helps to keep your sofa at a constant temperature and humidity level to guard against extreme changes that can have adverse affects on your piece, such as mildew or mold. In addition, store your couch right-side-up, situated on all four legs to avoid undue stress on its construction and upholstery.

Keep It High and Dry

Before storing your couch, raise it off the floor by placing the piece on sturdy wooden pallets covered with a large plastic tarp to provide a moisture barrier between the couch and the floor. This helps to keep the sofa dry if water leaks in on the floor, making your couch less prone to mold or mildew growth.