How to Install Grohe Faucets

Grohe manufactures showers and faucets as well as other bathroom and kitchen fixtures for a wide range of clients, including direct-to-consumer marketing in major hardware stores. Grohe faucets are based on a replaceable cartridge system that is designed to be installed with little to no knowledge of plumbing. This greatly benefits the end user, requiring a minimum amount of tools and experience as long as you are not actually putting in water lines or cutting counters. That would require a construction permit in most areas.

  1. Shut off the water main, located under the sink or the faucet area. The water main can be identified as one or two handles connected to hard copper piping or flexible metal tubing. You can turn these off with a 1/4 turn counterclockwise.

  2. Place the faucet assembly over the sink area that you intend for final installation. Make sure it is lined up exactly where you want it to rest. You may use a pencil to mark where your faucet is to be lined up.

  3. Drill the two or four openings on the faucet assembly (skip this step if already drilled). You will need to drill at least 1 1/4 inch in order to fit the screw plugs that come with the sink.

  4. Insert the screw plugs into the openings on your faucet assembly, directly into the counter top. Screw these plugs down until they are tight (clockwise). You may need to drive the plugs down with a hammer or solid object if you did not drill far enough.

  5. Place the Grohe cartridge system (not the cartridge) into the center of the faucet assembly. Make sure the arrow on the front is in the front and facing down. Make sure to thread the flexible tubing down the hole first.

  6. Attach your adjustable wrench to the copper pipe locks (where you will attach the faucet to the water pipes). Turn the wrench several times counterclockwise to remove the caps.

  7. Screw the cold (blue) hose to the cold water pipe cap (usually on the right), using your wrench to tighten it. Repeat this step for the hot (red) hose to the hot water pipe on the left.

  8. Insert the Grohe cartridge into the cartridge system, using your wrench to turn it 1/4 turn clockwise, locking it into place.

  9. Attach the spigot and faucet handle to the assembly, using the hex key (underneath the spigot, clockwise) to lock them into place.


  • Always shut the water main off for the room that you are working in when performing plumbing tasks. Water lines are filled with hot and cold water under significant pressure. Damage to these lines can result in serious injury.
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