How to Maintain Zinc Countertops

Zinc is a metal that has a number of characteristics that make it a good choice for use in kitchen countertops. Initially it looks like pewter but then darkens over time, giving the finish a rustic look that many people find attractive. Zinc is nonporous, making it inhospitable to bacteria, and it has a smooth surface that is easy to clean. Zinc is, however, one of the more expensive countertop materials, so it is important to maintain it properly to protect your investment.

  1. Keep zinc countertops clean by using a little mild soap and water. There are no special cleaners needed on a regular basis; simply wiping down the surface daily will suffice.

  2. Use a cutting board rather than cutting on your zinc countertop. Zinc is a hard enough metal to resist most scratches, but it can be scratched by cutting on it.

  3. Do not place hot items directly on a zinc countertop. It has a relatively low melting point, which means hot pots and pans or plates placed on the countertop may leave marks.

  4. Apply a metal polish monthly to the countertop if you prefer to keep it bright and shiny, with its original look.

  5. Let a natural, blue patina develop on your zinc countertop by skipping the polish and simply keeping it clean. Be patient, as it may take a year or more for this effect to fully develop.

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