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How to Repair a Hole in the Metal Roof on a Mobile Home

G.K. Bayne

Holes in manufactured or mobile homes can be created by falling tree limbs or large hail. Once the hole begins, it can, over time, become larger. Repair should be done as soon as possible. Inspect the roof thoroughly before climbing on top of it, as the underlying wood frame may also contain damage. Even if the roof appears to be structurally sound, use a piece of ½-inch plywood as a steeping surface when walking on the roof.

  1. Place the ladder in a secure location to gain access to the roof. Set the plywood pieces on the roof. Use the plywood as your steeping structures and work your way to the hole on the metal roof.

  2. Scrape away any loose paint or rust around the hole with the metal paint scraper. Use the wire brush and work down to bare metal around the hole. Remove the paint from around the hole to permit installing the butyl tape in a square shape around the hole.

  3. Secure the self-adhesive butyl tape around the hole. Cut the galvanized steel patch material with the tin snips to match the area of the butyl tape. You will want the metal patch to fully cover the butyl tape.

  4. Press the metal patch firmly into place with your hand. Secure the metal to the roof with the self-tapping screws and the powered screwdriver. Pattern the screws around the perimeter of the metal patch, approximately 2 inches on center.

  5. Caulk the outside edge seams of the metal patch to the existing roof. Caulk over each individual screw head on the metal patch. Allow the caulk to fully cure. Follow the caulk manufacturer's drying instructions.

  6. Paint over the patch and the surrounding roof area with the roofing paint. Extend the painting area to approximately 1 foot around the new roof patch.