How to Clean Plastic Lattice

The use of plastic lattice to decorate around gardens, garden tubs, hot tubs, porches, gazebos and many other areas inside and outside the home has become increasingly popular. The benefits of not having to paint or stain, coupled with durability, make plastic lattice a popular home decorating choice. Cleaning is as easy as wiping down the surface with soapy water and rinsing. This lattice will appear freshly painted all year long with only a few minutes of work.

  1. Move all items away from the lattice that are sensitive to moisture. Mix ½ cup of liquid detergent with a bucket of water.

  2. Wipe the plastic lattice from the top down using a sponge or rag. Scrub any areas that have a buildup of dirt and dust with a small scrub brush.

  3. Rinse the interior plastic lattice with a rag soaked in clear water. Rinse exterior lattice with a garden hose. Let the lattice air dry.


  • Water that has dripped on floor surfaces from cleaning can make them slippery. Wear shoes with slip-resistant tread and set down newspaper or towels to soak up water spills.