How to Take Care of a Stucco Home

Stucco is a tough, fire resistant, weather resistant cement plaster used as a protective or decorative coating both inside and outside the house. Durability is one of the major benefits of stucco, according to the Portland Cement Association. Comparatively, maintenance costs for stucco are significantly less than other sidings and minimal attention is needed. If you have information on how to care for your stucco home, you can keep it looking fresh and new while keeping maintenance costs low.

  1. Wash the walls every year with a hose and a mild cleaner. Use a jet stream nozzle and rinse the home from the bottom to the top. Do not hold the nozzle too close or you will ruin the finish. Then, use the mild cleaner to wash away all dirt and debris from the walls.

  2. Inspect the stucco yearly for any cracks and chips that may have appeared. For cracks that are more than an eighth of an inch, fill with a pre-mixed plaster mortar or a dried stucco fill.

  3. Have the stucco wall refinished if it is looking excessively worn. Do not paint your stucco. Although it may seem like a cheaper alternative, paint will seal in any moisture and mold will grow between layers of your home, creating a larger problem. Having a new layer of stucco and finish put on the wall will strengthen it for decades, where a paint job will peal in a year or two.

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