How to Build a Paint Booth Exhaust

Using a home paint booth is an excellent way to save money and take more control of the painting process.

From large booths for painting cars and trucks to smaller booths for everyday painting projects, a paint booth will work best when it has an exhaust system. A paint booth exhaust can be constructed easily. Once operational it will expel harmful paint fumes and draw in clean air to promote drying.

Choose a corner of the paint booth where the exhaust can be installed without compromising the structure of the booth.

Position the box fan near the corner of the booth at ground level. With a utility knife cut away the plastic or cardboard that forms the side of the booth, producing a hole that is slightly smaller than the box fan.

Place the box fan in or just outside the hole. Position it so that it will blow outward. Seal the edges of the fan to the hole in the side of the booth with several layers of duct tape.

In the opposite wall of the paint booth, cut another hole of approximately the same size. This will be the air vent through which fresh air will pass.

Place a clean cotton bed sheet over the opening and seal the edges with duct tape.

Before painting inside the booth, use a spray bottle with water to dampen the sheet. This will ensure that only clean air enters the booth by trapping dust that could damage wet paint.

Things You Will Need

  • Electric box fan with an enclosed motor
  • Utility knife
  • Duct tape
  • Cotton bed sheet
  • Spray bottle


  • Wash the sheet filter occasionally, as it becomes dirty from collecting dust and debris from the air.


  • The box fan will exhaust dangerous paint fumes. Be sure the fan blows air outdoors or into a well-ventilated area.