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How to Remove Wax From a Slate Floor

Samantha Volz

Slate is durable choice for flooring. Slate virtually repels stains, and its beautiful mix of red, green and black colors are definitely eye-catching. Homeowners moving towards "greener" solutions have begun choosing slate, as it is mined, not manufactured, cutting down on pollution from factories. Before you can seal your slate floor, however, you must remove the wax on the floor, or else the sealing will not be effective.

  1. Mix wax remover solution in a bucket. Follow the label on the wax stripper for mixing and dilution instructions. Dilution techniques may vary from product to product.

  2. Dampen a mop in the stripping solution and apply to a small area of floor. Do not flood the floor area with solution, as it can work into and beneath the slate and damage any underlying materials.

  3. Allow five to 10 minutes for the solution to react with the wax. If you see the solution beginning to dry, apply another layer.

  4. Mop again to remove solution and wax. Rinse the mop in water between each application.

  5. Continue this process until the wax is removed from the whole floor. You may need to apply more than one coat of wax stripper to an area to completely remove the wax.