How to Get Staples Out of Wood Floors

You've signed the papers on your new home, and when you began to tear out the old carpet you were pleasantly surprised to find old hardwood floors underneath.

While the carpet was attached by tack strips around the outside of the room, the carpet pad beneath it is stapled into place. You'll be relieved to learn it's not too tough to remove staples from hardwood floors, and it only requires a couple of common tools to finish the job.

Place a scrap of cardboard tight against the flat head of the staple; hold into place.

Slide the edge of a flathead screwdriver under the flat head of the staple, starting from the side opposite the cardboard so the edge of the screwdriver rests on the cardboard.

Pry up gently on the staple; one or both prongs will pull up from the wood floor.

Grasp the exposed prong of the staple (if only one came up) with a pair of pliers.

Pull the staple straight up. The remaining prong will pull loose from the wood floor.

Things You Will Need

  • Flathead screwdriver
  • Pliers
  • Scrap of cardboard


  • Place the removed staples into a small container as you remove them to avoid further damage to the wood floor.

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