How to Paint Parquet Flooring

When it comes to remodeling your home, parquet floors can be tricky. Most parquet has been glued down, which means that replacing it can be expensive and back breaking. Parquet is also very thin, so it cannot be refinished. Fortunately, painted wood floors are becoming increasingly popular. Try covering your parquet with a coat of paint.

Vacuum the parquet floor thoroughly. Make sure all dirt and debris are completely removed.

Repair any pieces of parquet that have become unglued and are lifting from the sub-floor. Use wood floor glue to reapply the loose pieces.

Use a palm sander to sand the entire floor. It is not necessary to completely remove the previous finish. You are using the sander to create rough texture on the floors so that primer and paint will better adhere to the parquet. Palm sanders are available at most home improvement stores for around $30.

Vacuum the area to remove all sanding dust. Tape off walls and doorways with low tack tape.

Roll primer onto the floors using a roller. Apply multiple thin coats of primer, allowing each coat to dry thoroughly.

Paint the floors using a good quality floor paint. Use a smooth-texture roller for the best finish. Oil-based floor paints are more durable but take a long time to completely dry and can be difficult to work with. If your floors are in a high-traffic area, consider using oil-based paint. Latex floor paints will work fine for floors that won't be subject to a lot of wear and tear.

Things You Will Need

  • Palm sander
  • Low tack tape
  • Primer
  • Floor paint
  • Trim brush
  • 1/4" nap roller


  • When working with oil-based paints, have a damp rag with paint thinner handy to take care of any mistakes or spills.
  • Oil-based paints can take a long time to fully cure. Wear only socks and don't move furniture into the room for 30 days.

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